Fee's from April 2022

Early Years

Full day between 7am to 6pm = £46 per day

Session (up to 5 hours per day) = £33 per session

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Free Childcare

Up to 30 hours free childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year old's

You can use your funding either:-

Term time only


why not spread it over the year

Flexible hours to suit you


We will be working along side and sharing the 30 funded hours with Sutton Road Primary School & Nursery, there are two options;

Both options are Monday to Friday either AM or PM

Option 1 - your child would attend Aunty Sue's for 3 hours before doing the three hours at their School nursery, we would take your child to nursery for 12.15,

Option 2 - We would pick up your child at 11.30am, your child would then attend Aunty Sue's for 3 hours.

Before your child goes to nursery or when they have been picked up from nursery you have an option of either hot lunch (see charges below) or you are more than welcome to bring in a lunch box

Notice; could we please ask should you choose options 1 or 2 above please check with us this is possible before accepting your place at Sutton Road Primary school and nursery, as there may be occasions where one of the options are not available due to capacity, however we will do our best to facilitate.

Extra Charges

Lunch, snacks, drinks £3.50 per session

Light tea £1.50 per session

Drop off £1

Pick up £1

Extra hour £8

These places will be limited, to avoid disappointment get in touch now to secure your place.

Book your place now for

April 2022

Limited places available


Extra hours

Chargeable hours are available should you require extra, please enquire.

Admissions Policy


We allocate a place to a child on a first-come first-served” basis however; preference is given to parents who already have a child attending our setting.

On confirmation of a place, parents are required to pay a £50 deposit. This is non- refundable in the event of the place being cancelled by the parents. Prior to admission, planned visits are arranged for both parent and child.

Opening Times:

7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday


Full Day, between 7.00am to 6.00pm = £46 per day

Session, up to 5 hours per day = £33 per session

Breakfast club + school drop off £10

After school club + school pick up, £14

School holiday club £35 per day, £25 half day

Above fee’s are subject to change


Should your child be eligible for 2, 3 or 4 year funding attending either 15 or 30 hours additional fees as follows;

Lunch £3.50, Tea £1..50, Pick up from local nursery £1, Drop off to local nursery £1 (Please circle which is required)


We do not work public / bank holidays; these holidays are charged at half fee

Our setting is closed over the Christmas period; Dates will be posted on notice board.

Parent/child holidays, 1 week holiday per year at no charge after one-week full fee applies, see start date ………………………… (all holidays taken can be seen on the Famly app)

Fees Policy:

Fees are paid either monthly in advance or weekly 1st contracted day of week. There is no refund for any absence i.e. child/parent sickness, days off, holidays

If a child is collected earlier than the contracted time, the full fee still applies.

Late drop off does not constitute late collection.

All contracted hours must be paid at full fee if your child does not attend on a contracted day.

Failure to pay fee on due date:

(stated on invoice) will result in a £5 per day charge until fee is paid, if unpaid after 5 days this will result in cancellation of contract unless another arrangements have been agreed with the nursery manager.

Failure to pick up on time:

(collection time stated on contract) will result in a £5 charge for every 15 minutes late, i.e 30 mins late = £10 charge, 45 mins late = £15 and so on.

Flexi care:

We are happy to provide flexi days, all we ask is if you could let us know your days for the following week by the end of the Thursday, however these days will be subject to availability.

Notice required for the termination of this contract:

4 weeks written notice will be given by parent/nursery if the contract is to be finished. Full payment of fees will be due for this period

No notice will be given by nursery in the event of non-payment on agreed due date

No notice will be given by nursery for extreme bad behaviour

Breakfast Club

From 7am, breakfast + school drop off = £10


After School Club

School pick up + Light Tea & refreshments = £14


Holiday Club

Full Day = £35

Half day (5 hours) £25


Click on the relevant link below for help on how to claim:

2 year funding

3 year funding

Tax free childcare