Our House Rules

We try and keep our setting as homely as possible and as such we expect all adults and children that we welcome into our setting to treat us, our team and our things with respect.

We have a few house rules that all children will be taught and expected to follow whilst in our setting this is for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Outdoor shoes are not to be worn inside the setting, shoes must be removed and placed in basket under coat pegs when entering the rooms or at the door if muddy, these can be replaced with slippers.

No running, jumping, fighting or wrestling in the setting.

No jumping, climbing or standing on any furniture.

Hitting, Pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, punching, spitting or pinching other people will not be tolerated.

No throwing of any kind inside the nursery.

There will be no use of obscene or disrespectful language from anyone, name-calling shouting, yelling, swearing or foul language is prohibited whist in our care.

Children are to respect other people, their properties, all toys and equipment, our furniture as well as the structure of our setting, the repair or replacement cost for the wilful destruction of any item will be charged to the parents.

Children are not to walk round the setting with food or drink, to promote good table manners, all meals will be eaten at the table.

Older children are not allowed to pick up small children or babies.

Smoking weather inside or outside our setting is totally off limits.

The aim for creating these house rules is to provide a clear and concise foundation to the working relationship between ourselves, the children in our care and their parents, these house rules will be introduced in a positive way to encourage the children to be respectful of each other and to teach self discipline, your (parents) support is greatly appreciated.